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TicTac Tongue™

TicTac Tongue™

Family Fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 
Motor Skills 🎯 
Social Interaction 🎉 
Stress Relief 😄
Interactive Entertainment 🎭 

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Lizard Lickin Fun!

Get ready for hilariously unforgettable entertainment as you strap on the silly lizard masks with the TicTac Tongue game!

Ultimate Family Bonding Experience

The ultimate family bonding game, bringing everyone together for endless laughter and unforgettable memories!

The Game Of 2024!

Rated the best new game of 2024, giving hours of laughter and fun for the whole family!

How To Play

  • First line up all the cards in any order you desire
  • Second have someone pull out the Target card from the pile of cards
  • Lastly be the first to knock down the target card that was picked!

There many variation on how you can play tictac tongue. Theres one thing for sure you're guaranteed to have a laugh!

Fun For All Ages

Fun for all ages and doubling as the ultimate drinking game, Laughter and entertainment for everyone, from family gatherings to lively parties!



Rated 4.73/5 With over 10,000 happy customers it's no wonder we're all sticking out our tongues in excitement!